Baccarat Analysis Road Method. Play three bead road in a fixed format

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As we all know, I don’t watch road, let alone “BEAD ROAD”.

However, many novice friends still like to find a way to see the road. Today Tang shares a baccarat analysis road strategy from China.

I call it “Play three bead road in a fixed format”.

As we all know, there are 8 possibilities for “3 bead road”. They are, BBB, PPP, BBP, PPB, BPP, PBB, BPB, PBP. Now divide the 8 possibilities into 4 groups, each containing two formats.

What’s next? There are two ways to play next.

Play 1, The first three columns appear in a completely different format. Formats that are omitted from column 4 are not displayed. Until the missing pattern appears, in the process, all but the last two bets in a row are positive.

play 2: Two of the first three columns have the same format. For example, in the first three columns, there are two columns of “3 format”, “BPP” and “PBB”, and one column of “2 format” and “BBP”. Starting from the fourth column, only type “3 format” and “2 format”.

Can you understand? As for what bet size strategy to match, it’s up to you.

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