CH.1 Placement Strategy vs Sizing Strategy

Distinguish “Bet Placement Strategies”, “Bet Sizing Strategies”, “winning rate”, “profit”.

Even today, when the Internet is so developed, there are still many baccarat players who cannot distinguish the difference between “Bet Placement Strategies” and “Bet Sizing Strategies”; the difference between “winning rate” and “profit”.

Bet Placement Strategies is a way to determine whether to buy a banker or buy a player by looking at the road and analyzing it. Through Bet Placement Strategies, you can determine whether to buy the banker or buy the player in this round. There are many different Bet Placement Strategies, everyone has a different Bet Placement Strategies, and even one person has multiple Bet Placement Strategies. “Three roads” and “cutting points” belong to the Bet Placement Strategies.

The betting sizing strategy is to determine the amount of bet per round. Similarly, there are many betting strategies on the market, such as “straight cable 1, 2, 4, 8…”, “1, 3, 2, 6”, and so on.

Winning rate is the concept of the proportion of winning or losing games in the number of statistical units. For example, betting on 10 rounds, 7 of which are correct, we say that the winning rate is 70%.

Profit is the concept of counting the total amount of money won and lost in a unit of time. For example, I won 10,000 yuan today or lost 8,000 yuan today.

A high winning rate does not mean winning, and a low winning rate does not mean losing. These are two different concepts.

Bet placement strategies are to improve the winning rate, but baccarat is in accordance with the law of large numbers, so all bet placement strategies cannot improve the winning rate of baccarat.

Bet sizing strategies are to increase profits. Only reasonable bet sizing strategies can win Baccarat.

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