4.2 Betting sizing strategy ability test

This is a very standard Baccarat betting test question, which players without certain experience cannot solve. If you can do it independently, then you must also be able to make long-term profits in Baccarat, and success is not far away.

The author puts this question here, which has actually brought you into the door to victory. As for whether you have the savvy to figure it out by yourself, it is up to you. Otherwise, please purchase the content of Chapter 5 and let the author explain it to you in detail.

Question: Suppose there is such a game with a total of 100 hands, only the banker and the player, and no ties. The banker does not charge a handling fee. Knowing that the banker and the player each occupy 50 hands, the principal for you is only 153 chips, and each hand must be bet, and your betting sizing strategy must be able to pass all the permutations. All permutations mean all permutations and combinations of 50 bankers and 50 players. It can be 50 bankers first, then 50 players, or 50 players first and then 50 bankers, or single jump, or two bankers and two players. In the worst case, you have to win 1 chip, and in the best case, you have to win 50 chips. Can you solve this problem? (See the answer on the next page)

Answer: Start with 2, lose 2 and buy 3, and then lose or buy 3, until the number of winning or losing lots is equal, and then start from 2; winning 2 to buy 1, and then winning or buying 1, until the number of winning or losing lots is equal, starting from 2.

For example:

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