If I was playing baccarat, I would stop loss like this.

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Today we talk about stop loss. Every baccarat player comes from a novice. They have also experienced clean losses. Of course, they have also experienced regret, regretting why they didn’t stop.

Today I will talk about what I have done to stop losses.

The first thing, I set the program on the computer, when I lose 5000 or 10000, the program will shut down the computer. It will take a few minutes for the computer to shut down. Of course, this is of no use. Before calming down, I continued to turn on the computer. In the end, there was not a single point left to lose.

The second thing, I wrote various mottos to stick next to the computer and set as desktop wallpapers. Does this work, the result is the same, no use. When I lost to the point of insanity, I had completely forgotten which vows. Finally lost.

The third thing, I turned off the online payment function of the bank card. This is somewhat useful. Every day I transfer the money to a bank card without online payment function, and when I lose money, I have to go to the bank to withdraw the money. This way I have more time to calm down. This method is still useful, but it will not change the long-term results of winning baccarat.

The most useful is of course the current baccarat strategy, the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy, which allows me to run my bets within a frame, as long as it is run within the frame, even if the current winning rate is not good, it doesn’t matter if I lose. Because that’s not my fault, it’s the laws of nature. When the win rate goes back to 50%, the chips I lost will come back.

As long as I follow the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy, I don’t use any other method to stop loss.

Friends, what methods have you tried to stop your losses? Let’s chat.

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