random walk allows you to deeply understand 50-50,

ladies and gentlemen. You will question the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy. Because I’ve been emphasizing that the win rate is back to 50%? Some people will question, will the win rate return to 50%?

Yes! The win rate must return to 50%. This is not what I said, nor what I proved, but verified by scientists from various countries in the world.

If you don’t believe me, you can google “random walk”. Or watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stgYW6M5o4k. I strongly recommend you to watch it. Although I have also made related Chinese videos, they must speak better than me. There are also several articles you can also take a look at 3.1 Count 100,000 hands of baccarat.

Only the heart is convinced that the win rate can return to 50%. Only then can we calmly accept the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy. would not question this strategy.

The gambler’s fallacy refers to treating random events that are independent of each other before and after as related events. For example, when a coin is tossed, no matter how many times it is tossed, any two events are independent of each other and do not affect each other.

Although the reasoning is simple and easy to understand, it can still be confusing at times. For example, when you toss 5 heads in a row, by the 6th time, you may think that the probability of heads will be smaller this time (< 1/2), and the probability of tails will be higher (> 1/2 ). There are also people who think in reverse, thinking that since it is a 1 five times, it may continue to be a 1 (also known as the hot hand fallacy). In fact, both of these ideas fall into the trap of the “gambler’s fallacy.” That is, treat independent events as interrelated events.

Gamblers with the “gambler’s fallacy” mentality will lose even more. For example, the famous double betting system (Martingale) in casinos is an example of using this mentality: the gambler bets 1 yuan for the first time, if he loses, he bets 2 yuan, and if he loses, it becomes 4 yuan. , and so on, until you win. Gamblers mistakenly believe that after losing many times in a row, the probability of winning will increase, so they are willing to double and double their bets, but they do not know that the probability is unchanged. You have more chances to win.

Friends, if you buy VIP, trust me. Don’t question me. Even if you don’t use the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy, trust me it will save you from the gamble. Invest wisely.

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