5.3 Average risk management.

Today we talk about a very important content in Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy, average risk management.

Many friends do not know how to determine the bet size after watching the video. Indeed, this is a very difficult thing. After all, I can’t bet the same bet size on the same road. But as long as it runs under the framework, it is reasonable.

There will be several articles on how to determine the bet size. Only one of them is mentioned here, the average risk management strategy.

Now assume that the initial bet is 30, and the size of the initial bet affects all decisions, which is very important.

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If such a win or loss situation is grasped by us. -20 +40 -15 +45 -10 +50. The essence of baccarat is the bet gap between a win and a loss. Locally, there is a very large bet gap between each win and loss.

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