Advantages and Disadvantages of Baccarat

Share a concept of strengths and weaknesses. This is a rather abstract concept, I don’t even know how to express it in English. I try my best to make it understandable to you.

You must have had the same experience. When you are lucky, regardless of the road, you will win no matter how big your bet is. And you’re lucky to lose when you bet a small bet. Then at this time, you can bet freely and boldly, and you will win. This is the dominant period. On the contrary, it is a period of disadvantage.

There is an old saying in China “Follow the trend and seek advantages and avoid disadvantages”. Literally, we can see that we need to winning increases the bet, losing decreases the bet.

So how to judge the strengths and weaknesses? A simple understanding can be that winning is an advantage, even if it is only one game. Losing is a disadvantage, even if it is only one game.

But in the case of losing multiple games, occasionally winning a game is not an advantage. I would think it is still a disadvantage period. For example: ——-+, I generally do not increase my bet at this time. Even if it increases, it will only be added near the initial bet. The specific situation should also be analyzed according to the situation at that time.

Also, in the case of winning multiple rounds, and occasionally losing a round, I would not consider it a disadvantage, such as: ++++++++-, at this time, if the position of the bet is relatively high, that is, Much larger than the initial bet, I won’t increase the bet, but I won’t reduce the bet very much, probably just around the initial bet. If the bet position is low at this point, i.e. the bet size is not very large, then I will even increase the bet.

This is what I will use when I use the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy. When you watch the actual baccarat video, you can use this as a basis to judge when I increase my bet and when to reduce my bet.

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