baccarat winning increases the bet, losing decreases the bet

Hello friends, my name is China Tang.

Today, I want to talk to you about the increase
in wins and the decrease in losses.

This is also the key throughout my Baccarat
Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy.

Friends who have watched my baccarat combat
videos should have noticed that I have always

followed the principle of increasing wins
and decreasing losses.

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In my opinion, when you win is when you are
lucky, use your luck to make big bets.

Instead of playing small bets when things
go well, it’s a waste of luck.

In the same way, when you lose it is when
you are unlucky.

If you are unlucky and you play big bets,
you will win, my ass.

In fact, most people go against the principle
of increasing wins and decreasing losses.

Raise hard when you lose, but don’t dare to
raise when you win.

Dare to lose, dare not win!

That’s the Martingale strategy you use.

If you play for a long time, the number of
times you lose is the same as the number of

times you win, the winning rate is 50%, and
the odds of losing consecutively and winning

consecutively are the same, so why do you

Everyone knows that the fundamental reason
for losing money is to bet big when you lose,

and bet small when you win, so you lose more
and win less.

If you do the other way around, bet small
when you lose and bet big when you win, so

you can win more with less losses.

If you pay attention, you can see me using
this principle everywhere.

Even with one win, I’ll increase my bet.

Even if I lose once I will reduce my bet.

After winning I keep running with the biggest
bet until I lose once.

If I lose, I will keep reducing it to the
minimum bet allowed by the table.

This principle is very important and should
be followed even if you use other betting


Never increase your stake when you lose, that’s
what casinos want most.

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