Baccarat-Tumbler betting strategy and rules of making money

Every three rounds is a round. In the first round, you have 3 chips. If you win, you will subtract one, and if you lose, you will add one.

After 3 rounds, 3 chips are placed again, and it turns from time to time.

There are eight consequences of this betting strategy:

win win win : win 6 chips

Win win lose : Win 4 chips

lose win win : win 4 chips

Win lose win : win 4 chips

lose lose lose : lose 12 chips

lose lose win: Lose 2 chips

lose win lose : lose 2 chips

win lose lose: lose 2 chips

It doesn’t seem to be anything special, but you know it when you push it. ┃”2 wins, 1 lose ┃” or ┃”2 loses, 1 win ┃” There are many consequences, and it is regarded as half and half of the situation has been profitable…

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