Baccarat – Know Your Principal

Hello baccarat players, today we will talk about the principal.

Some people will say that the principal is the money you bring to the casino. For amateur players, it may be okay to talk about it. After all, amateur players will only be poor and gamble to the point of ruin.

But for professional players, that kind of awareness is far from enough.

For the principal, I want to divide it into 3 parts, I hope this can bring you a different understanding. Of course, this is what the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy lives on.

1. The specificity of the principal

For professional baccarat players, the principal is your production tool. You can’t lose it, or spend it. It’s not just money for you.

It is like the production tools of farmers and the capital of capitalists. If there are no production tools, how can you produce?

For example, in China’s feudal society, peasants rented fields from landlords to cultivate. If the harvest is not good, can farmers boil and eat their own seeds? Of course not, if the seeds are eaten, there will be nothing in the future. Hope this example makes it clear to you.

2. The planning of the principal

Without planning, the principal’s risk is high. Practice has proved this, the principal must have a long-term plan, so that your principal risk is small.

For example, if you have a principal of 5,000, how do you plan, how long you plan to use it, and how much you plan to bet. How to plan a baccarat principal.

There are separate chapters to share this with you later. Today it means that the principal must be planned.

A planned principal can increase profitability. Poor financial planning and poor profitability. There will be a situation where the winning rate is high but there is no profit, or even losing money. There will also be a separate detailed explanation for profitability in the future.

Planned capital can also maintain consistent profits. Sustained profit means long-term profit. In baccarat, you cannot rely on just one win, you must maintain continuous profit. A planned principal can help you achieve this.

3. The accumulation of principal

The principal is not static, but increases with the working hours of baccarat. You can’t say that your principal is 5000 today and your principal will still be 5000 a year from now.

You not only have to get your salary from it, but also complete the accumulation of the principal.

It can be seen that the principal is very important for baccarat players. If you do not have the principal, you will not be able to continue to work in baccarat and can only be a spectator. You have to figure out how to raise the principal again. My Money Planning Record

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