Why can’t bet placement strategies win baccarat

In mathematics and statistics, the law of large numbers is also known as the law of large numbers and the law of large numbers. It is a law that describes the results of a considerable number of repeated experiments. According to this law, the greater the number of samples, the higher the probability that the arithmetic mean will be close to the expected value.

The law of large numbers is important because it “explains” the long-term stability of the mean of some random events. It was found that in repeated tests, as the number of tests increased, the frequency of events tended to a stable value; people also found that in the practice of measuring physical quantities, the arithmetic average of the measured values was also stable.

For example, if we toss a coin upwards, which side of the coin falls is accidental, but when we toss the coin enough times, reaching tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of millions of times, we will It is found that the number of times that each side of the coin is up accounts for about half of the total number of times, that is to say, there is a necessity in the accident.

Baccarat is purely a game of chance. Probability is based on the law of large numbers, which roughly says that under certain conditions, the more repeated tests, the closer the final result ratio is to the theoretical probability ratio.

If Read baccarat derived roads could win money, then Baccarat would have long since ceased to exist. Only by controlling the size of the bet can you win Baccarat. The biggest mistake most people make is that they do not understand probability and believe in the so-called road. People with a little mathematical knowledge know that in random events, any so-called road is unreliable, otherwise, it is not called a random event but should be called a Regular event.

So, don’t spend time and energy on how to crack 50-50 and improve the hit rate. Please stop, don’t study this anymore, stop in the wrong direction is progress. Does anyone have historical records and dare to say that his hit rate is over 52%?

Only by controlling the size of the bet can you win Baccarat.


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