Baccarat – My Money Planning Record

Brothers and friends, last time I shared “Baccarat – Know Your Principal” with you. It talked about the “planning of the principal”, and said that the principal should increase over time. And get paid from it.

Today I will share my early years, my financial records. This is a record for 2019. The picture details how many games I played every day and how many hands I played in each game. Wins and losses, how much is the salary, etc. Very detailed records.

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As you can see, my salary percentage is not high, why? Because I put most of the funds into the principal.

Also as you can see, in the long run, my win rate is close to 50%.

It is inevitable that funds will fluctuate, but as long as you play baccarat strictly within the framework, it does not matter. It is very normal to have a high winning rate and a high capital, and a low winning rate and a low capital. As long as the winning rate is 50%, the capital is rising, just fine.

Of course you can’t ask for high stakes when you have a low win rate, then you’re going to take a risk and get out of the frame very easily. This is absolutely impossible.

I no longer record like this, why? Because I’ve gotten into the habit, the records at that time have been very helpful in my growth. Although I have a good baccarat strategy, I can’t get it all the way if I don’t have good planning capital.

I said baccarat is a very profound game, it contains a lot of knowledge, as long as you continue to pay attention to me, you can also have a deep understanding of baccarat.

If you are a newbie, in addition to having a deeper understanding of baccarat, you should also have a better plan for your funds.

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