The essence of winning baccarat

Today’s topic is what is the essence of baccarat? Play baccarat must understand one thing, that is, what are the conditions for winning baccarat?

Old players have long been aware of this. Even researched it many times, if you are this type of player. Please skip it and read the content below.

The first point is that the winning rate of baccarat is impossible to exceed 50% for a long time. Because of winning and losing, the banker and player, the frequency limit of occurrence is 50%. It can be done in the short term, but not in the long term.

There is a law of large numbers in mathematics, which also stipulates that the winning rate cannot exceed 50%.

Therefore, it is not true that the win rate exceeds 50%. If the win rate can exceed 50%, there is no casino on that day. No one goes to the casino anymore.

So don’t work hard in this area, don’t look for ways to improve your win rate. Useless.

The second point is to win big bets and lose small bets. This is also something that many beginner players and intermediate players are looking for.

As a result, many people will pursue the double investment strategy and so on. Many people are working in this direction. But how is this method. In theory, it’s really impeccable.

Then I’d say this staircase strategy, it’s really impeccable. Because it is about winning on big bets and losing on small bets. However, it has too many loopholes, and often we can’t win money with the staircase strategy. It also cannot win money.

We will find out when we cancel the same winning or losing bet. It’s really just a random bet with no rules.

In summary. So what kind of method can really beat baccarat and win some money? Only the average win is greater than the average loss. The “average win” here refers to the bet size, not the “win rate”. If you don’t understand “win rate” and “profit”, you can read this article. baccarat “win rate” and “profit”.

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