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The author is Chinese. Thanks to Google Translate, I hope you can understand this article.

“Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy” is an article explaining how to control the amount of betting in a baccarat game to achieve long-term wins. By showing his actual combat record, as well as the situation of winning and losing, the author made it clear that the “Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy” is feasible, and it is the only known, operable, and long-term winning strategy of baccarat.

Can you distinguish the difference between “bet placement strategy” and “bet sizing strategy”? The betting placement strategy is to determine whether you want to bet on the banker or the player, and the betting sizing strategy is to determine the size of the bet.

Can you distinguish between “winning rate” and “profit”? “Winning rate” is different from “profit”.  We say that the winning rate of 7 out of 10 games is 70%, but the result of winning is uncertain. So, in the first chapter of this article, the author analyzes the difference between “winning rate”, “profit”, “Bet Placement strategy ” and “Bet Sizing Strategy “.

By explaining the 50-50 theory and real computer tests, the author proves that the results of betting placement strategies are 50-50, revealing that the winning rate of all games is 50%. All attempts to increase the winning rate through betting placement strategies are wrong, deceptive, and false.

The fourth chapter of this article has also passed computer tests to compare the different betting sizing strategies. Different betting sizing strategies have different results in the same way of winning. If you want to make a profit in Baccarat, you can only adjust the betting sizing strategies.

Chapter 5 of this article is the most important chapter. Through the study of this chapter, you will master the skills of processing betting, enhance the ability of long-term profitability, and more importantly, you will re-understand “gambling”.

At the end of the article, the author will continue to use programs to test common baccarat betting placement strategies, betting sizing strategies.  Publish the test results for everyone to learn from.

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