Baccarat three situations – Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy(1)

Hello friends, I am China Tang, today I will discuss the situation of baccarat with you. This is also very important for mastering the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy.

The situation mentioned here is not one or two games, but a period of time. Since I played turn-based, I divided it into turns.

From all the situations, it is nothing more than these three. 1. Win first then lose => Winning game! 2. Lose first then win => Process game! 3. Use the few to defeat the many => skill game!

Let’s talk about “winning game” first. Its definition is, Win first, or win more than lose. And have a profit. It is called “Winning game!” at this time. The task now is to keep profits and make more profits.

So when you win first then you will win this round. Take the simplest example. Win a hand of 100 first, how can you keep your profits? Losing a hand bet less than 100, such as 50. In this way, the winning rate will return to 50%, and a round will be completed and a profit of 50 will be won.

There is a “winning game” where you must win the profit. Otherwise you will have a hard time playing baccarat well. I also advise you to stop gambling, or you will end up dead.

Let’s talk about “Process game”, its definition is, The first to lose, we call it “Process game”. The task now is to recover the chips under the premise of controlling financial risks.

Why is it necessary to control the financial risk under the premise. Because the situation after the first loss is not in our control, the winning rate may return soon, which is very good. It is also possible that an unfavorable situation will occur, and you will continue to lose, so that the winning rate cannot return to 50%.

At this time, the risk is relatively large. The main risk is the capital risk. In case of 100 hands and 1000 hands lost, the capital risk is very large.

Don’t worry too much, if the Baccarat Restricted Bet Sizing Strategy can’t control the situation, then neither can your strategy.

All I can do is even lose 100 more times than win. There are very few losers each time, and even win, which is the third situation to be mentioned below.

You can look at this record. The current situation is that there are 19 more losses than wins, but the average loss per hand is only -20.76. I am not afraid of the next move, because the more times I lose, the more I can reduce the average loss, and wait until When the odds come back, I can win very, very much.

Finally, let’s talk about “skill game”, This is a very complicated situation and the highest level of baccarat. But we can’t pursue such a situation. When the opportunity comes, don’t miss it.

Like the table below, if I continue to lose, I will continue to play the smallest bet of 10. Friends, if you say that it is difficult to win baccarat. Winning big bets is hard, and losing small bets is just as hard.

Each column in the table means, id, bets, result, profit, winning percentage, how much more wins than losses, average losses, and maximum losses.

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